How do the detox foot patches work?

Meet the toxins !

Throughout our daily lives we are constantly picking up toxins from the environment

- Car exhaust fumes

- Foods we eat contain pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals used when it's processed 

- Alcohol (is an actual poison, no wonder they say "what's your poison" ! )

These are just a few to mention, have a look at the diagram below and see if you can recognise some of them

If you feel any of the symptoms below, it could be a sign your body is actually overloaded with toxins, reducing your quality of life 

To help our fellow human beings, we have created a powerful formula to help combat and draw out the toxins and put the power right back into your hands !

You see, your feet contain the secret to a healthier life 

Feet contain hundreds of acupuncture points as well as pores through which toxins leave your body at night - the foot patches help this process. Not only that, but the beneficial ingredients will enter your body through the feet, while drawing our toxins at the same time. You will wake up feeling far more refreshed than you have in days, weeks or even months, have reduced pain, and feel better in general. 

The powerful and 100% natural ingredients contained within the patches are guaranteed to help you regain some of your health back - whether that means reducing pain from arthritis, helping you to sleep better and reducing nightmares, helping to increase your circulation and reducing the feeling of the cold feet or cold hands, to better health in general and a better immune system.

The ingredients in our formula is not something we just came up with out of the blue. No, no. They have been used for hundreds of years by the ancients, who have used their wisdom in creating these powerful antioxidants and detoxifying agents, and we have used their formula to give you all the benefits.

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