Guarana BLUEBEAR Gummies FAQ

Q. How many gummies should I take for best results? 

A. We recommend taking 1 gummy, and then if there are no notable effects, to take another gummy approximately half an hour later. We don't recommend taking more than 4 gummies per day. Individuals with higher body mass and height will often find they need to take slightly more than individuals with lower BMI.

Q. Can I take these gummies as a pre-workout snack

A. Yes

Q. Can I take gummies if I am on prescription meds? 

A. We don't recommend our gummies to individuals on blood pressure medications as caffeine can raise blood pressure further. Similarly for patients on other more serious prescriptions medications. Please consult your health care professional for advice first. 

Q. Can you become dependent on them?

A. While it's not likely, we don't recommend to consume these gummies on a daily basis, just as energy drinks are not recommended to be consumed on a daily basis. They are great for when you need that extra energy kick to get something done. 

Q. What will happen if I take too many?

A. You would get the same effect as you would if you had too many energy drinks, or coffees it's advised against taking any more than recommended, especially for individuals sensitive to caffeine. Taking too many guarana gummies may cause jitters, anxiety, and other associated effects caused by caffeine toxicity. We recommend to consume our product with caution and always read the label for safety warnings.