Healthy Bod. Co ® is a registered and trusted Australian Health and Wellness Brand.

We use natural traditional recipes and modern technology to create incredible  detoxifying and energy boosting health, wellness and cosmetic products. We pride ourselves on quality and aim to produce the best products for all of our customers. 

Our products are stocked in over 250+ Pharmacies, Natural Health and Grocery Stores across Australia and New Zealand

Core values

"Better wellbeing for all, high quality natural products, education, faith, respect, positivity, courage, dedication to quality and customers, transparency, commitment to providing value to all customers, product innovation, R&D.

Brand vision 

"Create better wellbeing, for as many as possible"

Brand mission

"We are on a mission to help everybody to feel better in both physical and mental well-being and improve everyone's body confidence in this way. We will achieve this through creating products that make this difference to as many people as possible” 

Note from the founder - Esther V 

"I am passionate about providing our customers with the best in natural health products, as health products have always been a huge part of my own life.

From products that provide for weight loss support, to relaxation, aiding in sleep and stress and anxiety reduction. I use all of our products myself and make sure I am fully in love with them before providing them to the general public, as I want to make sure that they add amazing value to as many people as possible"